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Nimes to Beaucaire

Thanks for a very informative website. I hope you will be able to help. We are boating from Beaucaire in September and need to know if there is anyway to go there from the airport, or would we have to go to Nimes and then bus / train (if available) from there.
Again, thanks for your assistance.

According to it's only 30 km from the Nimes Airport to Beaucaire. So my suggestion would be a taxi. The price is 1.46€ per km (2009), the price for a taxi in the Gard department, that's about 43€ one way. A taxi seems to be the only mode of transportation I could find trains of buses.

Comment from reader:
You can get a bus to Beaucaire from Nimes station at the rear, not sure of the number, the bus is to Avengion via Beaucaire hope this of help to people as I travel to Nimes at least 8 times a year.

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