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Nimes Airport to Vallon Pont d'Arc

Hi there very helpful person.
I'm trying to find out if it's possible to get from Nimes Airport to Vallon Pont d'Arc by bus or train or transfer. Do you know any such facility or way of doing it without hiring a car? I have been searching on the web and found nothing. I would have thought the Ardeche would have some such service. Thanks

I had a look at the tourist office web site for Vallon Pont d'Arc - There would appear to be busses from Montélimar and Avignon to Vallon Pont d'Arc, but I couldn't find anything about Nimes. I had a look at the Avignon tourist office site (where I was directed) but couldn't any information about busses.
So that leaves the train. The station closest to Vallon Pont d'Arc is Pierrelatte. Meaning you need to get from the Nimes Airport to Nimes, this can be done by taxi for 25€. Then you will take a train from Nimes to Pierrelatte. Travel time is from 1.5 hours to over 3 hours, depending on the train. There is a transfer in Avignon. The cost is about 20€ one way. No need to make a reservation, you can buy your ticket the day you travel. I'm not 100% sure but I think the cost to take a taxi from Pierrelatte to Vallon Pont d'Arc will be about 60€.
The only other solution I can think of is taxi, but I estimate the price to be about 175€.

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