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Nimes Airport to Avignon by Bus

I wish to know how to get from the airport to Avignon by bus because the train time from Nimes to Avignon does not suit my schedule. Is there a direct bus link to Avignon or I have to change bus at Nimes Town. If I need to change bus, what bus should I take?

This web site has a schedule and other information for a bus that goes from the city of Nimes to Avignon. This web site (in French) also has some information. I don't know how accurate either of these web sites are. But both say there is bus service between Nimes and Avignon.
You will have to take the airport shuttle into Nimes and then get to the bus station, I'm not sure of its location but I believe it's the Gare routiere behind the train station. I'm also not sure of the bus number, you will have to ask.

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