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Nimes Airport to Avignon by Train

Hi, please can you help me. I wish to get to Avignon by train. If you can help me with my transfer times and tips that would be appreciated.

There is a shuttle that goes from the airport to the Nimes train station. The shuttle is synchronized with arrivals and leaves 15 minutes after the arrival of regular scheduled flights. So it should leave 15 minutes after your flight arrives. If for some reason there is no shuttle, just take a taxi. Once in Nimes you can catch a train to Avignon. No need for a reservation, your ticket can be bought just before you travel. Trans leave to Avignon at 1.18 pm, 3.07 pm, 3.43 pm, 4.31 pm and 5.37 pm. The trip takes between 30 minutes and one hour depending on if there are stops along the way.
On the way back there are trains leaving Avignon at 7.50 am, 10.12 am, 10.39 am and 11.51 am, again time varies from a half hour to a little over an hour. From the train station to the airport takes about half an hour and the shuttle leaves about two hours before the flight. You would probably want to take the 7.50 train that gets into Nimes at around 9.06 am. I got these times from - Voyages Sncf UK.

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