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Name and Location of the Nimes Airport

I am extremely confused by the use of two names for Nimes Airport - Nimes-Garons and Nimes-Arles-Camargue and am worried that I may be arriving by Ryanair at one, having booked an Avis car hire at the other. Or are they both the same?

Nimes Garons and Nimes-Arles-Camargue are in fact one and the same airport.

Follow-up Question:
Thanks for that but I'm still confused as to why the Google map from the Avis site to my destination, begins at St Gilles which appears to be miles away from the Nimes-Garonne airport! Is this just a depot?

To be on the safe side try booking using the call letters of Nimes Airport - FNI. I think the problem is that part of the Nimes Airport is located in Saint-Gilles when in fact the town of Garons is closer. So Google just picks up Saint Gilles as the town and shows that on its map. I hope that's understandable!

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