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Help with Car Hire!!!!

Hi Jeff, your website is extremely helpful, except it would seem that all the car hire companies DO NOT OPEN on Friday mornings when the UK Ryan Air flight arrives??? Can you confirm if that is the case? Without the ability to collect a car at the airport, we will not be able to travel to Nimes.

Glad you find my site useful! This happens every year at lots of airports. All I can say is that more than likely car hire will be open if you arrive on a regularly scheduled flight. I know that doesn't sound like much but when ever I've car hire desks at airports I always get the same thing - yes were open for arriving flights, even if the web site says otherwise. I think what happens is that the car hire web sites are not updated in a timely manner and so they show closed. If you really want to make sure I'd ring a car hire company in your country and see if you can book for Nimes Airport. The other option is to just wait until the web site gets updated.

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