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Nimes Airport to Nimes

My friends and I were planning a trip to Nîmes. We were thinking about travelling by air. But now I saw on your website that the distance between Nîmes and Nîmes Airport is quite big.
Now, my question is: can you calculate what a taxi or a bus is going to cost us? We were planning the trip in early July. What is the cheapest way to get from your airport to the city
Thank you for your help. I would really appreciate it.

The cheapest way to Nimes is by bus, the cost is 5€. You buy your tickets on the bus. The official Nimes Airport web site has an online schedule. It's in French but I think you should be able to read it. If you can't just let me know.
Right now the schedule is good until 25 March. I'm guessing it will be updated after that for the summer.
A taxi is about 25 euros. That can go up if you are more than four people or have lots of luggage. Taxi could be cheaper depending on where you are going and how many you are.

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