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Nimes Airport Car Park

There is one public car park at the Nimes Airport. It is located directly across from the airport terminal. Just follow the signs when exiting the airport terminal or coming by car. The car park is on two levels with the top level being open and not covered.

There really isn't street parking at the airport so it is best to use the public car park.

The car park is open from 5 am to midnight.

When parking at the airport the first 20 minutes are free. After 20 minutes you will need to pay. Fees depend on, of course how long you park.

Even if you only plan on parking at the airport for less than 20 minutes you still need to take a ticket when entering. When you exit, you will need to use the ticket machine, even if you have stayed for less than 20 minutes. There is a machine in the stairwell between the two parking levels and two machines on the lower level near the pedestrian entrance/exit.

Long term parking is available, but there is only one car park at the airport. It is used for both short and long term parking. Depending on how long you want to park, it might be cheaper to buy a monthly (or longer) pass. There is an office on the lower level of the car park.

Next to the public car park is the car hire lot. This is only for car hire.